Tendata is an international trade data consulting and global buyers information agency.

Tendata is a comprehensive information service provider based on big data + artificial intelligence, focusing on data collection, mining, application and service in the field of international trade and promoting services through industry consultation. Tendata provides a total solution for overseas marketing.

Tendata provides global buyers information and analysis services for all exporters/manufacturers, bringing global active buyers directly to local sellers, which makes international trade easy.

What Tendata supplies is a innovative business, which can truly helps clients and have quantifiable effects.

We are looking for entrepreneurs across the world who are interested in starting a business with full support and existing potential clients.

What We Offer Clients

  • Analysis of 121 Million Real Active Buyer Contacts
  • Smart emailing management tools
  • Analyze the Distribution of Major Imp&Exp Countries
  • Track the list of potential customers in the markets
  • Learn about global market buying trends and details
  • A competitive Environment analysis of product upstream and downstream industry chain of buyers and competitors

What We Offer Franchisees

  • Expertise in product training, and industry knowledge training
  • Demo account support for each franchisee
  • Complete and systematic sales training
  • Experienced guidance to team building and management
  • Ready-to-use marketing materials and very detailed sales guidance
  • All franchisees can start the business even if you have little or no prior industry experience
  • Potential target clients list
  • 15 years history, TOP class data service, reliable business
  • Over 200 Staff, mature management system and strong franchise support
  • 30,000+ clients in globe, renewal rate is higher than 60%
  • Trusted by governments and SOCs, obtains official government awards
  • Risk free, low investment, high profit

How Much Does The Tendata Franchise Cost?

TENDATA has a franchise fee of around $1,000, with a total initial investment from $3,000.

  • Initial investments: $3,000
  • Royalties $2,000 and franchise fees $1,000.
  • No requirements on office, goods or other investment.
  • Payback period: 1 - 3 months

Requirements To Buy A Tendata Franchise

  • Knowledge of, or would like to learn about, international business.
  • Franchisees who have the passion to start their own businesses.
  • Internet connection, laptop and smart phone.
  • Passion for sales and marketing.
  • Willingness to take advantage of low risk and low investment business, with high profit opportunity.

Complete training provided by Tendata.

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