Recover your mobility with recoveriX Gym!

The recoveriX Gym franchise offers outpatient stroke therapy designed to improve fine and gross motor mobility for stroke patients. The unique therapy combines 3 standard therapies into one: movement imagination, visual feedback and muscle stimulation. You can become a franchise partner of recoveriX Gym and perform the therapies yourself or start as a financier if you don't have medical training. Either way, you'll be helping to improve the quality of life for stroke patients.

recoveriX Gym Franchise System

The recoveriX Gym franchise system starts where traditional physical or occupational therapy reaches its limits. The outpatient stroke therapy has already been successfully implemented as a franchise system with independent recoveriX Gym partners since 2018. Confirmed by patient experience and a clinical study, recoveriX Gym therapy is proven to be effective even after decades of illness. If you would like to use your recoveriX Gym business to give stroke patients not only new hope, but also a concrete improvement in their quality of life, then you can find out here how recoveriX Gym makes this possible.

What Do You Do As A recoveriX Gym Franchisee?

The recoveriX Gym therapy system combines the three established therapy methods of imagination of movement, visual feedback and muscle stimulation. Accordingly, your regular activities depend on your previous training. If you are already medically trained (e.g. nurse physiotherapist or doctor of neurology), you will also take care of the therapies. These can be performed once or twice a day for each patient and last 50 minutes each. This also includes pre- and post-treatment examinations, as well as personal feedback sessions and the issuing of certificates of success.

It is also possible to start as a franchisee without medical training. In this case, the focus will be more on activities such as business development or personnel management. In principle, however, the development of a B2B network is expected in both cases with a recovieriX franchise.

What Does A Franchisee Already Have To Be Able To Do?

A medical background is, as already mentioned, quite advantageous, but not mandatory to open a location with recoveriX Gym, because you can make your choice from two partner models. The company is more flexible in terms of entry than many competitors, because the recoveriX Gym business idea can also be implemented by career changers with experience in management or as a small business. When choosing a location, the largest possible catchment area should be planned for. In addition, an investment sum of 10,000 euros is required and an entry fee of 4,000 euros, as well as an ongoing fee of 11-20 percent. recoveriX Gym also gives you some freedom when it comes to working hours. For example, you can choose whether you would like to start part-time or whether you would like to spend your entire working week on your new project and join recoveriX Gym as a full-time self-employed person. Everything is possible. If you are successful and satisfied, then there is nothing to stop you from opening more locations.

What Is Your Next Step?

Would you like to help people with limited mobility regain a better quality of life by becoming self-employed? Then recoveriX Gym is just right for you. How can you become a recoveriX Gym partner? It's easy, just contact the team of experts. Become a recoveriX Gym partner now!

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