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If you are seriously looking to start in the consulting business or to expand your existing consulting service, BCM represents an ideal opportunity that will give you first class training and support from the industry leaders.


Due to the current coronavirus, which is making many people think about their future, we have decided to make the BCM Franchise available at a Special Covid-19 'once-off franchise fee rate’ for the amount of $9,000. In normal circumstances, our fee for a BCM Franchise is $20,000. This is a short-term opportunity and our way of making things a little easier for people interested in setting up their own business. Thereafter, pricing will revert back to $20,000.


BCM is a team of management experts who provide profit growth management consulting services to small, medium and large companies across diverse industries worldwide.

  • Do you want to own your own business but yet be supported by a major organisation?
  • Would you like the opportunity to associate and work with other counterparts within the group?

If so, then join our existing sister companies in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Africa, South America, Finland and Mexico to name but a few, all of whom are experiencing significant growth as they take to market a broader service offering that achieves real profit growth for client organizations.

What BCM Does

Cost Reduction: BCM reduces the cost of supplies and overheads for medium to large sized businesses. Profits are lost in these cost categories and BCM experts are very proficient at uncovering non-competitive rates, supplier overcharges, waste, lack of control, process improvements, etc.

Business Franchising: Has the client’s business moved beyond the start-up stage? If so, you should think about helping your client to franchise their business either nationally or internationally. This is a fast and cashflow positive way to expand. BCM are franchising experts.

E-tendering Services: BCM provides this service mainly for state and semi-state bodies. Such bodies are required to abide by procurement guidelines that ensure transparency, value for money and fairness in all state procurement projects.

Revenue Growth: BCM grows revenues for small to medium sized businesses. SME’s generally have difficulty growing revenues through lack of resources or lack of expertise. BCM provides both and typically will DOUBLE its client’s business revenues over the course of the BCM engagement...

Want to run and expand your own business?

When you become part of the BCM network we offer you, the franchisee, long-term support. In order to achieve long-term success our training and support systems are developed continuously to achieve the strongest path to success. When you become part of our worldwide team we provide the following:

The BCM package:

  • 5-day training programme
  • Training manual
  • Customized brochures
  • Customized newsletters
  • Free updates of all materials
  • Joint ventures with other offices
  • CRM system
  • Project management system
  • Access to BCM international client list
  • Access to existing client reports
  • Case studies/useful information
  • Supplier database facility
  • Ongoing support
  • IFA approved

Franchise fee structure:

  • Once-off franchise fee of $9,000 (Special Limited Time Covid-19 Offer)
    Support royalty of $600 per month

BCM does not:

  • Charge renewal fees later
  • Take commissions from suppliers
  • Target clients in your territory
  • Overpopulate your territory with other BCM franchisees

You can become a sister company to BCM, providing revenue growth consultancy in your country or state. If you are seriously looking to start in the consulting business or expand your consulting service, this represents an ideal opportunity and one that will give you first class training and support from the industry leaders.

Meet Chief Executive Officer - John Mac Namara

John is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of BCM, a world leading firm specialising in profit growth management consulting services for a wide variety of clients.

John says, “As the founder of BCM and probably the longest established practitioner of this business in the world, I can assure you that this is such a good business. There is a wonderful variety of clients and categories to be worked on which makes the business both challenging and interesting!”

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