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Our work is to satisfy the growing and increasing environmental demands of multiple sectors of society; our purpose is to provide wellness in addition to improvement in the quality of life of people. That is why we created and now manufacture high-end systems for the intelligent treatment of indoor air.

About Us


We are Biosintel, a Spanish company and manufacturer of the BIOKKER products, a high-end unique system for the effective elimination of airborne pathogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor air using PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology. We created Biokker some years ago due to the increasing global demand and the growing environmental interest in a better quality of indoor air from multiple sectors. We provide wellness in addition to improvement in people’s quality of life through the intelligent treatment of indoor air by making devices that treat different air volumes and diverse levels and sorts of microorganisms and gases.

The Franchise Opportunity

Biosintel offers a unique, one-of-a-kind technology for reducing indoor air pathogens and VOCs, through a Master Franchise which grants complete exclusive rights per country to commercialise the Biokker devices, avoiding competition with other fellow franchisees in the same territory. Biosintel also offers full training and personalized technical attention to the franchisee, as well as a fast and effective service when it comes to answering questions or dealing with incidents that may eventually arise.

Biosintel is supported by a long list of satisfied customers that it has worked with for years and who serve as a perfect reference and a guarantee of the company's efficient, good, and long-lasting product. Biokker is a multi-sectoral product that adapts to any use where clean air free of microorganisms is a necessity. Biokker is not a filter, is an eliminating device, it does not trap or store contaminants, it does not emit by-products nor Ozone, it is easily installed without special ducts or works to be done, it is energetically efficient, and it requires only one single annual maintenance service.

What You Need

The franchisee should be:

  1. Enthusiastic
  2. Business driven
  3. Have the knowledge to be able to understand our technology
  4. Have the capacity and contacts necessary for the successful promotion, marketing, sale, and maintenance of our air purifying systems in a professional manner

The Next Steps

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