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At Sportmadness we are creating the largest global community of passionate sport entrepreneurs.

We offer the best sport management services and build a healthier, fitter and happier society. We have a dual business model; on the one hand we work with companies (public and private) and on the other, with customers who participate in our events and activities.

Have you ever thought about generating business through sport?

Sportmadness is looking for entrepreneurs interested in living off sport by managing sports schools, campus, events and sports facilities.

From the head office, they provide all the advice and support to the franchises so that they can sell the services and execute them with the highest quality.

It is easy - they work in a market that is constantly growing, with well-defined processes and using technology for all their proccesses. This allows them to be agile, innovative and very profitable.

The key to their model lies in different sports products and very low fixed costs.

You don't need to invest heavily or sell thousands of subscriptions to be profitable.

One of their goals is to be leaders in amateur sports management worldwide, so their brand is already positioned in the main markets they work in and they are in six countries in just four years of life.

The team at the head office is young, ambitious and multidisciplinary.

The franchise network is made up of different profiles with a common factor, passion for sport, but you should know that they are very critical with the selection of new franchisees.

What services do the franchises sell?

There are thousands of possibilities... The team helps you to develop your idea and to carry it out, but...

What if you don't have any ideas?

This is the good thing, Sportmadness has developed a portfolio of differential sports services, with very clear strategies to sell them, with a simple execution and the focal point on the profitability and the user experience.

In addition, thanks to the work of all franchisees, a collective intelligence is generated in terms of projects, processes and sales strategies that are extremely value to each franchisee.

The more franchisees who join Sportmadness, the more business they all generate.

Why is that?

Because sport is a global language. Think about it...

Any business opportunity is replicable in any country.

Sportmadness has a successful run in Lima, Peru and automatically replicates itself in every country where Sportmadness is established: Spain, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia and Luxembourg.

That's collective business intelligence and it's essential for people who have never had any previous experience, thereby being able to launch their Sportmadness franchise successfully.


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