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Mini Club Scooby

The Mini Club Scooby company's mission follows the passion and professionalism that the co-founders of the brand have offered every day for 20 years and emphasises the welfare of children.

What is the Mini Club Scooby franchise?

The registration of the Mini Club Scooby brand was formalised in 2007, after 15 years' experience in the education and assistance fields.

We decided to do this after experiencing the management of various businesses for children throughout Italy and after studying the working method that now marks anyone who runs a "Mini Club Scooby" centre.

Mini Club Scooby was born in Novara after a careful analysis of families with very young children, who need a calm place where they can leave their sons and daughters either all day or part of the day.

We give a lot of useful services to help both our users (the children) and their families.

Our mission is to give always something more to our children.

We shall remember there’s a kid in all of us and we have to find fun and joy in everything. What do children want? What is missing that will make them happy? What they would like to see? Do we have the ability to make these dreams, their dreams, come true?

We think we can. When we think of what we wanted for ourselves and couldn’t get, we realise that happiness for our children is near and we can easily reach it.

The concept of Mini Club Scooby is all about this.

About the Mini Club Scooby franchise opportunity

Affiliate will manage nursery schools, baby parking and playgrounds using our guidelines.

Managing a "Mini Club Scooby" business is easier than you think. You just have to follow our guidelines, our operating manual and all the forms that make up our training programme.

What Mini Club Scooby offers our franchisees

Mini Club Scooby offers the opportunity to its affiliates to begin an innovative activity in the education field. This can offer them a profitable job and, above all, a job full of personal satisfaction.

We offer a way to avoid failures thanks to the experiences gained by us, by our affiliates and by our first business opened in Novara which experiments all aspects of our activities in support of all existing and future businesses.

Who Mini Club Scooby franchise project is for

Mini Club Scooby franchise is for entrepreneurs who want to start an activity in social and education fields, specifically with very young children.

Our franchise is also for pedagogues, kindergarten teachers, nursery assistants, nursery nurses, teachers, workers in the sector, and even people who have no experience but a small minimum capital available for the initial investment.

Why affiliate with the Mini Club Scooby franchise?

  • You will be able to use our trademark Mini Club Scooby® and our knowledge, gained through years of experiences in social and educational fields;
  • You will benefit from our free institutional advertising spread on a national level;
  • We will study with you the best advertising and marketplace strategy for your local business and to define your activity launch;
  • We will offer assistance and ongoing training, with the partnership of professionals and experts in all relevant sectors: commercial, technical, pedagogical, administrative and insurance, legal;
  • We will offer you recurring meetings, with scheduled meetings with us and with all affiliates for updates and exchanges of information or new commercial programs;
  • We will help you find the right place for your business, we will also plan furniture and decor for your spaces;
  • We will contact relevant authorities for you, to obtain all necessary authorisations for the opening of your Mini Club;
  • We will guarantee exclusivity for the area in which you will operate;
  • We will help you organising children's parties, events and shows with our children entertainers and our mascots.

The Mini Club Scooby franchise advantages

The advantages that Mini Club Scooby offers rather than traditional competitors are:

  • The offer of a diversified service with a unique panorama of events and organisations in the educational and recreational fields;
  • The purpose for Mini Club Scooby brand is to start about 20 openings within the end of this year and to launch the brand on the international marketplace, especially Western America and Asia.
  • Currently, in Italy, each municipality with at least 5,000 inhabitants has some deficiency in educational and recreational facilities, so there is a real need for these services.

Mini Club Scooby services

  • Nursery School: Educational service for children from three months to three years;
  • Baby Parking: Partial educational and recreational service for children from one to six years;
  • Playground: Recreational service for children from one to 12 years;
  • Educational service;
  • Service by the hour;
  • Free game;
  • Birthday parties;
  • Events/Shows;
  • Catering planning;
  • Trip and family trip planning;
  • Baby-sitting service;
  • Foreign-language classes for children;
  • Pet therapy;
  • Baby sensory;
  • Recreational music;
  • Dancing by playing;
  • Creative workshops.

Our conditions for affiliation

Type of affiliation: Full (nursery school) - Baby (baby parking) - Small (playground)
Business location: at least 2000 inhabitants.
Place size: at least 100 square metres.
Working hours: it depends on customers needs.
Number of employees: at least one, but it depends on the type of business you choose.
Initial investment: at least SG$ 22,950
Age or sex limits: there are no limits.
Qualifications required: no qualification required for the owner of the business.
Previous training or experience: it isn’t essential, but we appreciate if you have some relevant experience.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, do not hesitate to get in contact today.

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