PANO is the largest European and African network of signage and visual communication centers. PANO's dealers are experts in signage and specialists in adhesive advertising and sign manufacturing.

With nearly 150 agencies on all continents (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Senegal, Brazil, Djibouti, etc.), the PANO network continues its development by opening new agencies as close as possible to customers and also by offering the latest generation visual communication solutions.

Driven by the search for excellence, the spirit of innovation and the sense of commitment to serve their network, their customers and their partners. The expert network celebrated in 2020 its 40 years of experience in designing signs for retailers, artists, small and medium-sized businesses and big companies.

At a time when operating costs are weighing more and more heavily, the PANO operating sites are winning thanks to the lightness of their structure, the high technicality of their computer tool, the surprising speed of order processing, low staff costs, and their extranet tool which is a constant source of duplicable initiative. Merchants have at their disposal state-of-the-art production tools and high technology to meet current market trends. With PANO, you are truly independent of signage.

The PANO market is huge. This is why PANO offers within the agencies the design, production and installation of signs, window decoration, vehicle marking, interior and exterior signage and many additional products such as business cards, brochures, t-shirts, masks, pins, and many others. It is the point of passage for craftsmen, shopkeepers, industrialists, real estate professionals, event organizers, town halls, etc.

It is thanks to their supplier relations and the low operating costs of the agency that PANO agencies have a gross margin of 70 to 80% on certain products and unbeatable discounts with their partner suppliers via their central referencing system.

The company has set up a "Key Accounts" department for the creation of signs for multi-site companies, such as franchise networks or major international commercial brands that trust PANO's quality and responsiveness.

Advantages of this brand:

Operate under a reputable brand on your own territory.
Gain valuable experience in the commercial, technical and administrative fields, thanks to an integrated training center and a well-established network.
The manufacture of adhesive markings generates a significant gross margin.
Contribute to the evolution of the network, by participating in its international council.
Designed to meet customer expectations in a short time between request, order and delivery.

The PANO package includes :

  • A contract allowing you to use the PANO brand license.
  • The learning of software, techniques, crafts and other key information over a period of four to five weeks at the training center and in pilot workshops that will be closest to you. You can also benefit from a one-week on-site training when the store opens. You can all become an expert in signage and visual communication.
  • Complete production tools.
  • Computer pack.
  • Unique made-to-measure furniture.
  • Starting stock and operating equipment.
  • An opening kit with all printed materials and a marketing kit for the opening and inauguration.
  • A list of PANO's clients, including advertising agencies, dealers, administrations, major international brands, groups and franchises.
  • A list of PANO suppliers who offer the best rates. There is no obligation to purchase from these suppliers.
  • The trademark license agreement requires the payment of a fixed monthly fee for the use of the trademark.
  • An extranet allowing you to communicate and stay connected with the PANO dealer network and the head office.
  • A follow-up and support throughout your adventure at PANO

How to become a PANO dealer?

Do you want to evolve towards a new and exciting life, learn a new profession, become totally independent and autonomous while being able to count on the support of a concept that has been evolving for more than 40 years?

Contact the PANO Group free of charge to find out how you can have your own PANO agency.

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Opportunities available throughout MENA
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$125,000 (premium pack)
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